J.B. Drori

And the supernal Spirit
Hovered over the void.
A rotating orb,
The size of a woman’s fist,
Whirled into the belly of the abyss.

Twirling at the speed of light,
It erupted into vast clouds
Of yellow and scarlet interlacing plumes
Of exploding photons and fusing nuclei,
Flying off in all directions.

Blazing particles and bursting granules
Collided, coalescing into meteors, comets,
Stars, planets, moons and asteroids,
Forming immense galaxies,
Endlessly revolving around giant black holes.

And it came to pass that
A man from Earth, by name of Einstein,
Hitched a ride on a sunbeam.
He soon discovered the braided web
Of time and space, but got lost in gravity.

He treaded among the stars,
Wended his way between planets,
And unlocked the mystery
Of the physical universe, expressing it in
Four mathematical symbols: E=MC²

Covered by primal dust and debris,
He straddled the rings of Saturn
Forever in transition from form to form,
Perpetuating the circadian rhythm of the cosmos.

© 2013 by Jack Bernard Drori

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