The Enigma Of It All

J.B. Drori

After the beginning, the Lord God
Formed the Garden of Eden,
Created Adam – man, and Eve – woman,
And placed them there.

“This is your Paradise,” God said.
“You will want for nothing.
You will live long and happily
As long as you obey my every word.”

“You may eat of all that grows in the garden
Save for the fruit of the tree of life
And the tree of total knowledge.
Both trees thrive in the center of the garden.”

“Remember! Do not eat of the forbidden fruit.
Don’t venture there.
Do not be tempted.”
And the Lord God vanished in a whirlwind.

Silence descended on the garden.
Nothing stirred.
Adam and Eve rose from their knees.
“Where, did God say?” Eve asked.

“In the center of the garden.
But do not go there. It is forbidden.”
“So why did God tell us?” Eve asked.

And that is how our Paradise began.

Oh, the Enigma of it all.

© 2013 by Jack Bernard Drori

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